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About Us

Friendly Service


We're experts at what we do. But knowing about our products is only part of the process. We are also here to make you feel great about your shopping experience. Whether you're here browsing or have something specific in mind, your happiness is of utmost importance! We ensure that our clients needs are met during every visit and that they leave feeling that their day is brighter than when they first walked in. 

Relaxing Environment


Experience shopping that will awaken your senses and rejuvenate your soul. Located on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula of Alaska we are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis and we work hard to put that beauty into our store.  Offering great customer service and quality products is our top priority. 

High-Quality Products


We take our time to curate a selection of lounge, intima, soaps, baby, and bath products. Everything is tested by our staff and if it does not meet our high standards, we won't sell it. Fall in love, with our signature line of Soothe bath and body products.  We have amazing  gift ideas and will be happy to help you pick the perfect gift.